MORE AMINO ACIDS THAN OUR ORIGINAL LIPOVINGUAL® that has been on the market since 2012.

ULTRA VITABURN® contains STRONGER Fat Burning Amino Acids.

We have taken the ingredients in ULTRA VITABURN® and beefed them up with more Amino Acids!

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Six B-Vitamins for Energy
  • Amino Acids to Increase Metabolism
  • Extra Amino Acids for Working out and or Endurance
  • Safe and Effective

Our ULTRA VITABURN® Liquid is FAR MORE potent than ANY Lipotropic Injection(s) on the market, just in over the counter strength.  

Each bottle is 1oz. For more information, CLICK on DOSING and or the Ingredient List. 

Dosing Protocol:

It can be taken daily, for best results, take before Meals and or Liquids. (The Niacinamide may cause brief flushing)

Ultra Vitaburn® can be taken regardless of how much a person weighs. The ingredients in Ultra Vitaburn® are similar to popular multi-vitamin supplements.

Ultra Vitaburn® is SAFE to be used with popular appetite suppressants and or weekly Lipotropic Injections.

DO NOT refrigerate after opening.

If I Exercise regularly and wanting to lose weight and or want more energy, can I take the Ultra Vitaburn®?

Yes, anyone wanting to lose weight and or wanting more energy can take the Ultra Vitaburn®.

What are the side effects?


Do I need additional B-12 injection or oral B-12 with your Ulta Vitaburn®?

No, there is 1mg of B-12 per serving in our product.

Should I stop taking the Ultra Vitaburn® once my goal is met?

No, go on a maintenance plan of every other week.

When do I take the Ultra Vitaburn®?

Before meals and or liquids. (Preferred)

What is the dosage amount?

1 ounce (30ml)

Can the Ultra Vitaburn® be combined with weekly Lipotropic Injections?


What diet plan should I follow with the Ultra Vitaburn®?

None, just be sensible at mealtime and snacks.

What kind of exercise should I do?

Walking or Jogging, several times a week is good enough and or going to a Gym or Health Club.

How many bottles do I have to order?

As many as you like, there are NO minimums.

What is the shelf life and does it need to be refrigerated?

12 to 24 months and NO.

Are there shipping charges?

Yes, shipping is ground via UPS or FED EX. A signature is required for proper delivery and safety.

How long can I take the Ultra Vitaburn®?

As long as it takes to meet your goal. 

Do I need to take other diet pills, injections, or appetite suppressants?

No. But, combining our Ultra Vitaburn® with other Lipotropic Injections can be done, for faster results, and due to the nature of weekly injections wearing off after several days.

If I am pregnant or trying to become pregnant/nursing, can they take the Ultra Vitaburn®?

We do not recommend anyone that is pregnant or trying to become pregnant/nursing taking the Ultra Vitaburn®. It is better to do it after the pregnancy/nursing.


ULTRA VITABURN®: The Oral Fat Burning, Amino Acids combination for those who exercise regularly.


ULTRA VITABURN® - 24 - 1oz Bottles

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